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Pr. B. Ruguri breaks ground for Adventist Modern Medical School

Adventist Church president breaks ground for modern medical school .The school, whose cost could not be readily established, will be part of the Adventist University of Central Africa (AUCA). the proposed medical school will be a world-class institution that will receive both Rwandan and international students from Africa and other parts of the world.

“We have a deadline to start the school by September 2016; that’s how aggressively we are challenged. We need your prayers,” Dr Blasious Ruguri, the president of the General Conference for East-Central Africa region of the Adventist Church, said AUCA’s medical school will be ready to receive students from 11 countries that make up the region he leads”.

The youth ministry Director for CUC Pr. Joshua Ssentongo has urged all the Youth in CUC specifically, and Uganda Union at large to contribute towards this project and the deadline is April 30th 2016. this offering will be put in our usual envelopes that we use for other offerings at our local churches.

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